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July 22, 2006
CONGRATULATIONS TO EVGENIY! He had a wedding today, so he is happily married. Good luck, and we wish you ALL the best. To see pictures from the wedding go here: Evgeniy's wedding.

July 5, 2006
Sorry to everyone that I have not updated in so long!! -- Narodniy Artist 2006 has a winner! Go here to find out who won!!

May 1, 2006
Narodniy Artist 2006 - The TOP 7. In the past two weeks Valeriya Paskar' and Il'ya Zhinilo left us. Please check the site for remaining finalists!

April 11, 2006
Narodniy Artist 2006 - The TOP 9. Il'ya Mezencev left us, because of the number of the lowest votes. NA-3 will be aired April 22 at 6pm on the channel "Rossiya". Find out who will be leaving us next!!

April 1, 2006
Narodniy Artist 2006 finally has a TOP 10! If you would like to see who made it please go here. The names are in no special order. Next time it will be on tv is on the channel "Rossiya" on April 8 at 6pm.

March 3, 2006
Aleksey's brand new CD "Луч Солнца Золотого" (Ray Of The Golden Sun) came out today! It contains 14 songs, and 7 new songs. The rest of the songs has already been released on his first CD "The Russian Guy" in 2004. Check Aleksey's Discography.

March 2, 2006
A lot of things happened during the few days! On February 28th, Aleksandr Panaiotov, Aleksey Chumakov, and A-Sortie released their firt debut album. You can find it here: Narodniy Artist CDs (this is a new section). Also Aleksey Goman is releasing a brand new CD Луч Солнца Золотого ("Ray Of The Golden Sun"). The release date is not specified yet, but it should be coming out soon! You can find the tracklisting here: Aleksey's Discography.

February 28, 2006
I added a few more links to the Affiliates section. Tomorrow, Narodniy Artist will be in the city Chelyabnisk. It is the second to last day of try outs.

February 23, 2006
Narodniy Artist (Народный Артист) has returned! This year, NarArt will be visitng 7 cities (Saint Petersburgh, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Voronezh, Kazan', and Chelyabnisk) visiting Moscow first on February 23(today!), 24, and 25, St. Petersburgh on Feb. 28 and Chelyabnisk on March 2. To find out more go on the official website: Narodniy Artist 2006 (site is in Russian). Congratulations to people who are trying out, and I will update with more info as soon as I find out! Here we go- Narodniy Artist 2006!!!

February 20, 2006
The video "OBLAKA" has been added to the Videography section. (The video has been released in January 06).

February 18, 2006
A new page has been added, NarArt CDs/Народный Артист диски. Find out more about CDs from other finalists from Narodniy Artist.

February 7, 2006
Aleksey has a Photosession at 2pm for Journal "Karavan Istoriy." It will take place at a Studio of Ekaterina Rozhdesrvenskoi.

January 26, 2006
I added a new affiliate, make sure you check it out. Find more here: Affiliates/Друзья Сайта

January 13, 2006
Aleksey is performing again on GCKZ Tv channel "Rossiya" ("Russia"). [The old New Year]. Next performance is January 19th again on "Rossiya."

January 5, 2006
I hope everyone had a good year! :) ..Aleksey will be performing January 2-8 at 6pm at the theater of V.Nazrova and also January 1-8 at 8pm at GCKZ "Russia."
=> And today we had our 1000th visitor!!! Thanks for coming!=) <=

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