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December 31, 2005
We made it through another year. Time is passing by so fast, I hope that everyones holiday were great, full of joy. Now it is time to start over again. To those who had a great this year, I hope they continue in '06, those who did not have a great year this year, I hope that the new year will bring them happiness, lots of joy, new friends, love, family, and the bestest! I am wishing this to everyone in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Spain, UK, America, Australia and to EVERYONE in every country Now it's time to countdown, because the new year is coming!

December 24, 2005
Today is the 24th of December which means Christmas!
I'd like to wish everyone the bestest and happiest Christmas ever! Thank you for coming, and hope to see you here again:)
*Merry Christmas* from

December 12, 2005
Exactly two years ago, Aleksey Goman won the first NARODNIY ARTIST (Russian Idol). CONGRATULATIONS and much luck from

December 6, 2005
There are two sections on this site which I am not sure if I should keep. The first one is: Song Of The Month, where people will chose their song to download, and section What Am I Thinking?..a different picture each time, where people send in quotes of what may be Aleksey and/or Evgeniy thinking. Unfortunetly those two sections doesn't seem to be too active, so I am giving until the end of December, then I will delete it, if there will be no further activity.

November 24, 2005
Over the past few days, about a week, I have added a lot of Affiliate/Друзья Сайта, so please visit their site, and keep supporting this site. Thank you:)

November 19, 2005
Aleksey has a solo concert in a club-casino "Imperial'" ..and the concert is for free!


scroll down, until you see "Aleksey Goman" and click on his name! I need as many votes as possible! Thank you:)

November 16, 2005
I have a very special update and news for today! If you read yesterdays news, Aleksey filmed a new video! I was able to see some pictures from the filming, so if you are interested click on the following links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 and also a 20 second video that was filmed during the filming: Oblaka/ Thanks to Annie for these pictures and the video!

November 15, 2005
Aleksey is filming [today] a new music video to a brand new song! The song is called Облака ("Clouds"). If you haven't seen any other music videos from Aleksey, you can download them here: 1. Russian Guy.avi and 2. Will Trust-Will Come.avi. Enjoy!

November 14, 2005
As some of you may know, Russia's first search for singers began with Фабрика Звёзд (Star Factory), and in 2003 Народный Артист (People's Artist). A brand new show similiar to these two just began Секрет Успеха (Secret of Success). There are two categories in this project, people between the ages of 16-25 and 25 and older. Afterwards there will be 2 people from the category (25 years and older) and 3 in the category 16 years - 25 years. This show is played every Saturday on the Russian TV channel PTP. If you wish to visit the official site, please go to: Secret of Success.

November 11, 2005
This site has new affiliates! Thank to all the sites that wanted to be affiliates with this site, you can check them out here: Affiliate/Друзья Сайта, and if you want to be an affiliate, please write in the Guestbook. Thanks=)

November 9, 2005
A brand new musical СЕСТРА ЛИНДА 'Sister Linda' will have a premier in Murmank, Russia. The three authors of this play are: Vasiliy Ryabkov, Evgeniy Goman, and Aleksandr Anisimov decided that this play will take place in Zapolyar in 1942. They wrote the lyrics and music to this story about love and internationalism. The try outs for this play took in February this year. Evgeniy Goman became the producer of this play. For more info click here.

November 8, 2005
This is the second day that Aleksey will be performing at the final gala-concert 'Лучшие песни' ("Better Songs"). For more information, go here: here. A new Affiliate/Друзья Сайта has been added.

November 7, 2005
Today in GCKZ "Russia," Aleksey will be performing at a final concert gala-concert 'Лучшие песни' ("Better Songs"). He will be performing a duet with Liudmiloi Nikolaev, a lyrically beautiful song 'Облака' ("Clouds").

November 1, 2005
Finally November is here! Now you can vote for your favorite song to download every month! You will be able to vote from 3 songs, the song with the highest votes will be up for download! Find out more here: Media => Song Of The Month.

October 31, 2005
Since this is an English site, a lot of Americans/English people come here! Well today is Halloween, so Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it! And thanks for coming!

October 25, 2005
I added two new affiliates. Please check those websites out, you can find them here: Affiliates/Друзья Сайта.

October 21, 2005
Today is the last day of Aleksey's tour to 14 different cities! His last stop is Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. Hope he likes it there=)

October 19, 2005
Today is the second to last day that Aleksey will be touring along with other singers from the project 'Narodniy Artist.' They toured around Russia visiting 14 different cities! (Oct. 6 Yuzhno-Cahalinsk, 7 Vladivostok, 8 Habarovsk, 10 Irkutsk, 11 Bratsk, 12 Ust'-Ilimsk, 13 Krasnoyarsk, 14 Moscow, 15 Barnaul, 16 Novosibirisk, 17 Omsk, 18 Ekaterinburg, 19 Kurgan, 21 Bratislava[Slovakia])

October 18, 2005
I added another Video to Videography. This time it is the video "Krasivaya Lubov'" by A-Sortie which features Aleksey Goman, Aleksandr Panaiotov, and Aleksey Chumakov.

October 17, 2005
This site has two new affiliates :-) I also added "Videography" which includes all the music videos Aleksey and Evgeniy has appeared on. It can be found here: Алексей =>Videography and here: Евгений =>Videography.

October 12, 2005
I also added lyrics from "Dikaya Shtukovina" - Evgeniy's first solo album. Some lyrics are missing, but you can find them here: Media => Lyrics. And we also have a new affiliate.

October 10, 2005
Today I added lyrics from Aleksey's solo album "Russkiy paren'" you can find the lyrics here Media => Lyrics. I will add lyrics from Evgeniy's album soon too.

October 6, 2005
To all of you who have visited so far, thank you so much for coming, and I hope you will keep on visiting this site! I updated the Affiliates/Друзья Сайта so please check out the sites.

October 4, 2005 || Страница Открыта
Страница Открыта! Web is now opened!! Этот первий Английский сайт о братья Гоманы. Если вы хотите быть 'Друзья Сайта', прошу пишите до Гостевая. (Этот английской-русская сайт) Welcome and enjoy!

October 3, 2005
I updated the "Link Me" page and added an icon for this web. Please link me if you want to. Icon: The web should be opened tomorrow!

October 2, 2005
I added those "Ratings" counters on the bottom of the page, so you can see how many people came to this site so far and how many are online. :-)

October 1, 2005
You click on Алексей and Евгений, and a whole menu will appear. I will add more things under those two categories.

September 30, 2005
I translated the Discographies of both Aleksey and Evgeniy. So don't forget to click on the flag top right to get the translation! More to come soon:-)

September 29, 2005
I added some new things to the 'Discography' section. The Discographies are in Russian, but when you click on the English flag [TOP RIGHT] it will bring you to the same page, except in English. When you wil see these two flags: , that means that there is a translated page! So look out for those flags!:-)

September 26, 2005
Aleksey was part of the program 'Жизнь прекрасна' ("Pretty Life") where he presented his song 'Луч солнца золотого' ("Ray of the Golden Sun"). This program will be featured on the Russian TV channel STS.

September 25, 2005
Both Photo Galleries were added to the site. Few photos were added to Aleksey's gallery. New section 'What Am I Thinking?' was added.

September 24, 2005
Updated Aleksey's Audio section which has most of the songs from the project 'Narodniy Artist' that he was part of. And a new section Song Of The Month was added.

September 22, 2005
Haven't updated this site in a while. Just updated Evgeniy's Audio section. You can listen to samples/songs from his album.

September 17, 2005
On the bottom of this page, I added "Archive" so as the years pass by, you can click on each year to see what happened. (Only yr. 2005 works so far..) I added some videos to the "Video" section.

September 16, 2005
I added the section "Media" where only "Audio" and "Video" works. I didn't add any audio or video yet, but I will soon.

September 15, 2005
Both biographies are now working (but they are not complete), and also the discography (which is complete). You can also read more about the Russian Idol "Народный Артист 03/04."

September 14, 2005
The whole section "WWW" is now working, I also added this "/Сайт" to the "WWW" part. There are no affiliates yet.

September 13, 2005
I added the section "WWW" where nothing works so far. It has 4 categories 'About Site' | 'Affiliates' | 'Link Me' | 'Русские «Народный Артист» сайты (2003)' More will be added soon.

September 12, 2005
С Днём Рождения Лёша Гоман!! (Happy 22nd birthday Aleksey Goman!) We wish you all the best, and good luck:)

September 11, 2005
Worked on the HTML for this site. So far nothing works, but hopefully soon! (Added the menu and the "Novosti" section.

September 10, 2005 has been registered on If you have any questions, please email me:

September 3, 2005
С Днём Рождения Евгений Гоман!! (Happy 26th birthday Evgeniy Goman!)

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