Народный Артист 2003

«Народный Артист» is the Russian version of the British Pop Idol. It is a very popular show (almost) all over the world, where the people chose their favorite singer, by voting every week. Two talented singers from Murmansk, Russia definetly did not miss out on their opportunity to become the first Russian Idol. Алексей (Aleksey) and Евгений Гоман (Evgeniy Goman) are two brothers who decided to take the chance. Both Aleksey and his older brother Evgeniy made the TOP 100, but afterwards one of the brothers was voted off. Evgeniy was voted off by the TOP 75, but Aleksey continued. Soon enough Aleksey became the favorite singer who was voted for the most. Aleksey made the TOP 10, where he met his girlfriend Mariya Zaitseva. Out of the 6 girls in the TOP 10, Mariya was voted off the last, and became 4th in this competition, where she also joined a group группа «Ассорти» ("A Sortie") along with the other girls. Then it was down to TOP 3, and all were boys. The competition between Aleksey Goman, Aleksey Chumakov, and Aleksandr Panaiotov was tight and hard. All three are talented singers from Russia. At the final night when it was down to TOP 2 (Aleksey Goman & Aleksandr Panaiotov) Aleksey sang the song "Русский парень" ("Russian Guy") which got him the nickname "Russian Guy." After all the hard work, at the final night, Aleksey won the first Russian idol, beating Aleksandr Panaiotov by almost half of the votes. (Aleksey 61.3% and Aleksandr 38.7%). Historically, Aleksey became the first Russian Idol. And almost a year afterwards he released his first solo album Русский парень.

Народный Артист
1. Aleksey Goman
2. Aleksandr Panayotov
3. Aleksey Chumakov
4. Mariya Zaytseva
5. Oksana Kazakova
6. Anna Alina
7. Natalya Pavolotskaya
8. Irina Toporets
9. Yuliya Valeeva
10. Irina Chernishova

Народный Артист 2004

In 2004, the Russian Idol returned with another season and wonderful singers. In December of 2004, it went down to TOP 2 between Paulina Dmitrenko and Ruslan Alehno. As people watched and voted, they chose another wonderful singer to represent their country. The winner of the Russian Idol 2, was again a boy - Руслан Алехно (Ruslan Alehno). In 2005, Ruslan came out with his first debut CD Рано или поздно (Early or late) which includes 12 songs.

Народный Артист 2
1. Ruslan Alehno
2. Paulina Dmitrenko
3. Yuriy Ignatov
4. Yuliya Vdovenko
5. Evgeniy Anishko
6. Vera Karetnikova
7. Dilyara Vagapova
8. Vladislav Shlikov
9. Tatyana Kazyuchits
10. Darya Urizchenko

Народный Артист 2006

The Russian Idol is back! Visitng 7 cities on 9 different days! (Feb 11 Voronezh, Feb 15 Kazan, Feb 19 Irkutsk, Feb 21 Kaliningrad, Feb 23-24-25 Moscow, Feb 28 Saint Petersburg, and March 2 Chelyabinsk). More information will be added after Narodniy Artist begins. Stay tuned for more information :-)

Народный Артист 3
1. Borhu Amarhy
2. Marina Devyatova
3. Angelina Sergeeva
4. Pavla Kuchenko
5. Pavel Machalov
6. Mariya Makovskaya
7. Evgeniya Ryabceva
8. I'lya Zhinilo
9. Valeriya Paskar'
10. Il'ya Mezencev

Rules of Narodniy Artist:
1. You must be between the ages of 18 - 30 years old.
2. You must prepare 2 Russian songs which will show your vocal and artistic possibilities.
3. At the day of your try-out, you must bring your passport to register, and get in line.
For more info go to Official Site ... Good Luck!

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