Wild Thing
Released: January 21, 2005

01. Wild Thing [mp3]
02. In Great Clothes On The Sand
03. For the Little Pig [mp3]
04. Superagent
05. Airplane [mp3]
06. I-Sport [mp3]
07. Oh, How I Loved You!
08. For the Nose [mp3]
09. From My Window
10. Ears [wav]
11. Cities-The Village Romance [wav]
12. Many Reasons [mp3]

This CD was available between January-August 2005 by mail-offers, and only available in Murmansk. Only 1 000 copies were printed, unfortunately all copies are sold by now.

*mp3s and wavs are linked to www.evgeny-goman.ru - not all sound files are in good quality.
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