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Registration date: September 10, 2005
Online since: October 4, 2005
Language: English, Russian
Hosting: www.народ.ру
Main (Russian) Sources: www.evgeny-goman.ru www.alexey-goman.ru www.go-man.ru

Name: Eva/Ева
Nickname: solnechko/солнечко
Email: солнечко@почта.ру
Web Email: ае-гоман@яндекс.ру

Welcome on the first English web for two talented singers Aleksey and Evgeniy Goman, who took part in the Russian version of Pop Idol «Народный Артист». If you have any special material (news, interviews, etc) with Aleksey and/or Evgeniy, please email it to me, any help will be greatly appreciated. Спасибо!

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